QuadroSphere ball valve has over 20 years of proven performance in numerous applications in the power, oil & gas, refinery, mining, steel, chemical, geothermal and petrochemical industries.

The QuadroSphere ball valve is not a typical ball design. Surfaces of the full port ball that are non-essential to sealing have been recessed in all 4 quadrants. The surfaces of the ball that have been recessed create additional flow paths allowing the flow and particulates to move freely above, below and around the sides of the ball when moving from closed to open position. Seat ring contact to the ball has minimal contact area, which reduces wear and operating torques, due to less friction. The recessed surfaces on the ball also provide lipped edges that wipe the seat surfaces clean during opening and closing to avoid particulate buildup. The ball has two sets of seating surfaces to provide shut off in the fully closed position and protect the seats in the fully open position.